Monday, January 8, 2007

Buckeye, Gator, and CFB Fans

Who's going to win? Vote and comment in my poll, "Who's going to win the National Championship," in this post or in the upper right-hand corner of my blog.

My vote is OSU, by a score of 31-20. Go BUCKS!!!

Buckeyes or Gators? Click on the link below, pick your team and leave a comment with a score; and a message if you want.

Who will win the National Championship?  (Enter the final score in the comments.)

Update 1/8/2007 @ 8:15pm: Welcome Wizbang readers! (I've been in downtown Columbus until now...Sports Mgmt is an OSU fan!) I'll keep the poll open until halftime.

Update 1/8/2007 @ 10:35pm: Ouch. Florida is puttin' a whuppin' on my Buckeyes. Hats of to the Gators. They're prepared, focused, and executing their game plan to perfection, and dominating the game in every phase. The Buckeyes seemed to be making a game out of it, scratching back to 21-14, but the 4th and 1 call (terrible NOT Tressel Ball), and Troy's turnover just killed the Buckeyes.

The poll is closed now...and to me, it's obvious who will win...barring a miracle and the teams reversing personalities in the 2nd half.

Update 1/9/2007 @ 12:07am: Congratulations Florida, on your convincing 41-14 win. This one, as I noted above, was over early. Those 4 early short fields just killed Ohio State. Florida deserved it; they are the National Champions in my book, despite Boise State going undefeated. Another reason for a playoff, College Football Fans.

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